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Let’s learn how to use your iPad!

This page is under construction, so please bear with us…Thank you!

Welcome to our free basic course on how to use your iPad!

The page below contains a series of short explanations guiding you through the stages of getting set up and comfortable with your iPad. The videos embedded contain most of the content, and there is a comment section below where you can ask any questions you might have. This “course” is just a starting point, but we hope you will go on to lean how to use the iPad in all the ways that are useful for you! 

This is our first version of the course that we developed when we got our iPad Pro (11 inch, 2020), and we will update the course with more information and devices as time goes on…

Who is this for

Anyone wanting a quick overview of all they need to get started with a new iPad

How to use this course

This course is video-based, with some short text sections below to orient you and our videos embedded within. 
We recommend bookmarking or saving this page, and going through over a few sessions to get the full overview. Alternatively, you can go through the course playlist on our YouTube channel, and just watch the full series that way. 

More information

Getting & Setting up your iPad

Getting yourself set up.

Choosing an iPad

Here is our quick breakdown of what you need to considering when choosing and iPad.
● Should go into store to try them out, see the differences in size and feel
● Ipad vs. air mini vs. pro (11 vs 12.9)
Wifi vs cellular
● Ipad vs macbook
● Ipad vs android and other non-mac
● Future of iPad?

Whether you chose the iPad Pro, like us, or another one in the lineup, the videos below should help you get oriented and on your way!

Unboxing and Hardware Overview

This is our unboxing video, where we show you what’s in the box and discuss the iPad Pro hardware….

Setting up an iPad

Now to the setup…

This is how I set up my iPad Pro, and your set up may not be exactly the same. This is not meant to be a step by step guide. Rather, it is a run-through of what to expect, and demonstration of what we answered for most of the set up questions. If you get stuck, post a comment at the bottom of the page, and we will try to address it.

This is an example of how to set up an iPad Pro, but is similar for other iPads:

An example of a “Restore from iTunes/Mac” way to set up and iOS device (example on an iPhone):

How to use your iPad

And now to the core of the content. 

The sections below are broken down as follows to chunk out the information. First, we look at the basics of using your iPad, starting with the user interface, aka “UI”, then overviewing apps, and then the additional built in functions of the device. We also discuss some more “advanced” features and more, but more on that later.

The Basics

Basic User Interface (iOS UI)

What its like interacting with an iPad

Picture in Picture

There’s an APP for that

Using apps to do things on your iPad

Built-in Functionality

Features/functions to control an iPad

“Advanced” Functions and Features

These more “advanced features” the take you beyond the basics, and make the iPad a powerful tool for even the self proclaimed novice. 
No advanced tech skills required. 


Some demos of the multitasking abilities of the iPad are coming soon…

Wireless Keyboard

Side Car

AirPlay and Screen Mirroring

This is an old video on AirPlay where we used a Mac and iPhone to stream our screens to and Apple TV. The same principles used for iPhone apply to iPad, so hope this is useful until we create a dedicated iPad AirPlay video:

Suggested Apps

Settings App Deep Dive/Walk through

App Store, Notes, etc…

Our Favourite (3rd party) Apps

Additional Resources

Printing from an iPad

Voice dictation keyboard shortcut

AirPods on iPad

Great vale magnetic case

Apple’s iPad User Guide: https://support.apple.com/en-ca/guide/ipad/welcome/ipados 

Troubleshooting Tips

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