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  • Basic Explanation: A keyboard is like a tool to talk to your computer using letters, numbers, and other symbols. It’s like the way you type on your phone, but bigger.
  • Practical Example: Imagine a keyboard as a bunch of buttons that help you write emails, search the internet, and even play games on your computer.
  • Advanced Explanation: A keyboard is an input device that allows users to type text, numbers, and commands into a computer or other digital device. It typically consists of a set of keys, each representing a specific character or function. Keyboards can be physical, like the one on your computer, or virtual, like the touch keyboard on a smartphone or tablet. Different keyboard layouts exist, such as QWERTY, which is the most common layout, and specialized layouts for different languages.
  • See Also: Mouse, Touchpad, Key Layouts, Input Devices, QWERTY
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